Acoustic Annoyance is about a quest.

The quest to become a better guitar player.

It is my quest.

It might be your quest, too.

Join me … Share your thoughts.

Life-Long Struggle

My name is Brian Jacobson.  Many of my friends, particularly the people I grew up with … call me Jake.

Brian JacobsonI grew up listening to the emerging Rock & Roll stations and the artists that created the music genre. When Buddy Holly played his last concert in my home town, I was nine years old.  I didn’t know about Buddy, but mourned with the pilot’s family.

A few years later I formed a folk group, which became a rock group, which went … nowhere.

Growing up I listened to Elvis, watched Dick Clark on Band Stand, saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, and craved the latest new music.

I looking for ways to improve and enjoy my music.

Join me.


5 responses to “About

  1. Mmmm…..62 years old, been playing for more years than I care to remember, and I think I still sound like crap sometimes, play electric and acoustic, continually on the quest for that “LOST CHORD”- periodically, I resist a strong urge to sell-off my -growing collection of guitars/amps/effects etc-and just sit and play with one 12-string and one 6-string acoustic, maybe I’ll come out with something that’s musically coherent! -can we have too many guitars, that it stunts your musical progress….?

    • Ian – Thank you for visiting Acoustic Annoyance and sharing your thoughts.

      Your search for the Lost Chord puts you in good company … Enrico Caruso, Moody Blues … and many unnamed musicians.

      On the hardware side … a sales person at a guitar store described the dilemma of buying more guitars or down-sizing as … “having GAS” … Gas Acquisition Syndrome. He said he has seen the condition manifest itself in small ways (2 or 3 guitars) and serious cases (rooms full of equipment) reminiscent of Tom Petty’s plight in the Traveling Wilburys song Cool Dry Place.

      Focus and dedication are critical to developing skills, maybe limiting yourself to one or two instruments would help. However, who knows what that Lost Chord will sound like. Each guitar has its own special characteristics.

      It would be great hear from others about their search for the Lost Chord … or how they deal with their own case of GAS.

  2. I think it’s Guitar Acquisition Syndrome! 🙂

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